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Use Credit Card, Bank Account, and Cash


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iPhone, Android, Tablet, iPad

PayByText® Residents can pay rent via a text message

Pay Once or Setup Recurring Payments

Submit maintenance requests from your mobile device

Mobile Apps
It's the new way to pay your rent, directly and seamlessly from your smartphone or tablet. Gain the peace-of-mind that only RentPaidOnline® can provide.
Payment Methods
RentPaidOnline® supports multiple payment methods, accepting e-checks, credit cards, cash, and pre-paid debit cards.
Save Time
RentPaidOnline® is a truly mobile solution. Save precious time by managing your rent payments...on the go...
Download Apps
Gain the simple freedom that RentPaidOnline® provides, and download our mobile app now for FREE!


First of its kind iPhone and Android app for property managers

Site staff has more time to focus on prospect and resident management

Community Connect® Property Managers can easily communicate with residents

Resident Connect® Property Managers can easily update residents on property events

Check out Pro's Corner ... contains useful tips for Property Managers, coupled with fantastic promotions!

RentPaidOnline® offers a streamlined solution for integrating with today’s most popular property management software. Take the hassle out of rent week by using one of our innovative, easy to use solutions!
Email Marketing
RentPaidOnline® offers a revolutionary marketing engine to ensure you get the adoption you want. With on-demand marketing resources built in, there’s no more waiting on marketing departments!
Advanced Reporting
RentPaidOnline® knows how important it is to track and reconcile payments efficiently. This is why we designed a customized report approach to meet the needs of every department in your organization!
Streamline Payments
RentPaidOnline® will help your property achieve complete automation by offering multiple ways to capture your payments. You can finally say goodbye to manual entry and time wasting trips to the bank.


Residents can view online statements

Residents can submit maintenance requests

Pay using credit card, debit card, checking account, and cash

iPhone and Android App for payments & iPad and Android Tablet Apps

PayByText® Residents can pay rent via a text message

Resident's Room
Residents, come check out RentPaidOnline's blog for important updates. Our blog is a one-stop-shop for important news and announcements.     Read More ...
Intuitive By Design
Our system is intuitive by design. We work closely with our clients to continually incorporate new and exciting features, tailored carefully for both residents and staff.


"Our vision is to deliver customized payment solutions using innovation and technology to meet the evolving needs of our current and prospective clients."

About RentPaidOnline®
RentPaidOnline® brings a whole new approach to the way rent payments are made as well as how those payments are processed. With flexibility in mind, we break all industry barriers, making online rent collection your property's new amenity. Residents can now make payments anywhere, anytime, on any device they choose.     Learn More ...


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